Home Staging Services

The Consultation

The consultation entails a 2.5 to 3 hour visit of the various rooms in the home. Carefully, notes and recommendations are made while including a preliminary budget. What is being sought here, are the factors that need improvement or changes that could be made to ensure the residence shows at its best so potential buyers can fall in love.

Staging in One Day ("50/50" Option)

Following the consultation, the client makes the necessary changes of improvement according to the recommendations prescribed at the consultation. The second step, either the same day or at a later date, we proceed to effectively stage the property (approximately 8 to 10 hours duration).

Complete Staging Service ("Turnkey" Option)

Following the consultation, I coordinate and supervise the whole project in its entirety; contractors, purchase of materials, rental of decorative accessories and small furniture (having been deemed necessary), etc. Lastly, the final step, once all the work has been completed, the actual staging of the property takes place.

Relooking & Redecorating

Relooking is the art of decorating your home so it complements "you" and your style taste. With a similar approach to Home Staging, the result is achieved using the existent where possible, a limited budget and in a short timeframe.

I will guide you in choosing new paint colors, materials and finishes as well as furnishings and the perfect accessories to achieve the look you wish for. Following the transformation, I want you to love your home every time you walk in your front door.

Open Houses (Real Estate Representatives)

An "open house" is the opportunity to welcome all potential buyers to visit a property currently on the market on a particular day. It is a perfect occasion to prepare the home so it shows at its best.

Home staging will allow for the property to be ready for "showtime." With thorough care and planning taken to achieve ultimate beauty and value, the property will speak for itself and buyers will be "wowed" by its distinct appeal.

Unfurnished (Empty) Properties

Many people believe that visiting a property with no occupants will be easier to see, however this proves difficult for many.

Staging a property with furniture and accessories will give the property a "said experience" and will allow buyers to really imagine the prospects of the home. Each room will become alive and provide purpose.

Home staging will lend warmth and create that ambiance instantly so buyers can envision the potential.


The task of shopping for furniture, decorative accessories or colors to revamp your home is exciting however can often become quite daunting. With so many choices available, it can soon prove to be more difficult than first anticipated.

A guided assisted (or unassisted) shopping service is available to you. I will assist you in picking out your new paint colors, those stand out accessories or the perfect furnishings; permitting you to get your project underway with less stress and hassle so you can easily enjoy the experience and the end result.

Inventory Rental

During a home staging project, the desire to purchase new decorative accessories or new furniture is not always feasible, especially when you will be moving. The alternative is to rent the necessary from my inventory. A wide range of decorating items can be rented on a monthly basis to help add those missing touches to your home so it is all pulled together perfectly.

Color Services

I will guide you in choosing new paint colors, textures and styles to refresh or improve your home's appeal, whether you choose to completely repaint your house or just a few rooms.