My vision

Home staging is an art and it is one that certainly captured me. My drive in this business is undoubtedly one my clients will benefit from. With creativity and a simple love for decor, I will pride myself in every experience along the way.

My mission

To create that "love at first sight" with potential buyers. From the moment they step into your home, buyers need to imagine themselves living in your property - their new home.

I realize that it is not always about wishing to sell one’s home. Some clients need decorating assistance following the purchase of their new home (relooking) or with changing the decor of their existing place, so I created a company which could offer these decor services as well.

Why choose LDC Déco?

LDC Déco’s "avant-garde" services ensure a décor for your home that is warm, trendy and new, while providing win - win results. An appeal that is welcoming and filled with ambiance and harmony. My attention to detail, my customer service and my listening skills are all qualities I bring with me so I may offer my clients a unique venture every single time.

Company history

LDC Déco is a home staging company founded by me, Lina Da Costa. I started this company with the goal of helping clients in one of the most important steps in their lives, selling their home while ensuring the property looks its best.

Decor has always tugged at me the right way however this fantastic journey certainly did not begin there.

I first followed my other passion, which is working while helping everyday people. I graduated from John Abbott College in the Police Technology program, a field far removed from Home Staging, however the benefits lending much to my ability to interact socially and professionally. Through the years I gained valuable experience and the opportunity to perfect my skills, proving a valuable reward today. My accomplishments, including that of my education and professional life, played an absolute role in my ability to grow and excel into a very determined, driven woman.

My family and friends would tell me often that I had an "instinct" when it came to decor. They insisted time and time again that decor was "me" and I was all about "it."

Several life-changing events occurred and I suddenly realized that my friends and family were right. It was time for me to make a serious career change - so I dove right in!

Decor gives me butterflies. Simple things such as coordinating colors, rearranging furniture, choosing paints and accessorizing, always puts a smile on my face. Why not choose a career where I could help others while sharing my passion for decor? So that is exactly what I did!

I received my certification with the best at l’Académie Supérieure en Home Staging Leblanc - Limoges so that I may provide nothing less than an impeccable service for my clients.

Today I am proud of this company thus far and I look forward to working with you while sharing my love of this art, my passion for decor.